UVM SGA RSO Joint Statement Condemning UVM’s Handling of Sexual Misconduct

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May 3, 2021

According to its Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy, the University of Vermont (UVM) “strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment, including sexual misconduct” [1] and “is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which its members are free from all forms of harassment and discrimination, consistent with its obligations under federal and state law” [2].

It has become abundantly clear, however, that UVM does not take sexual misconduct seriously enough, and does not provide sufficient support for students who are victims of sexual violence.

In 2014, the UVM was among the 10 schools with the most reports of rape [3]. UVM had 18 reported cases of rape in 2019 [4]. Because rape and sexual misconduct are among the most underreported crimes in the United States total cases are likely higher [5].

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), “Among undergraduate students, 26.4% of females and 6.8% of males experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation. 5.8% of students have experienced stalking since entering college” [6]. If these statistics hold for UVM, then approximately 1,500 current female undergraduate students at UVM have experienced rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation. The sheer number of survivor stories which have recently come to light support this estimate [7].

An overwhelming amount of UVM’s comparator institutions have entire departments or Sexual Assault Response Teams dedicated to providing support, therapists, and counseling to survivors of sexual assault. UVM has no such department [8]. UVM only employs one Campus Victims Advocate with an undergraduate population of over 11,000 undergraduate students [9].

UVM’s comparator institutions, including Boston College, Boston University, Syracuse University, George Washington University, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, have 24/7 private hotlines for student survivors of sexual violence which are staffed by trusted and trained advocates [10, 11, 12, 13]. UVM has no such hotline.

As SGA Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs),

We issue our shared support to all survivors. We hear you. We believe you. We support you.

We acknowledge our shared responsibility to create structures and cultures within our organizations which actively work to prevent sexual misconduct.

We reiterate the demands of the UVM Title IX Advisory Committee [14], as listed below:

WE DEMAND that UVM conduct an independent investigation into the UVM’s Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Title IX Office, including the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy IX Coordinator, Title IX Intake and Outreach Coordinator, and all investigators to restore the UVM student body’s trust.

WE DEMAND that the UVM administration hires between three and four more Campus Victims Advocates to serve as confidential counselors to all undergraduate student survivors of sexual misconduct effective Fall 2021.

WE DEMAND that the UVM administration seeks to review a diverse pool of Campus Victims Advocates, as sexual violence affects all UVM students including BIPOC, AAPI, LGBTQ+, and male-identifying individuals on our campus.

WE DEMAND that UVM establish a Sexual Violence Response Team as a part of the University’s Student Health Services Department. The Sexual Violence Response Team must include 5 employees including A Director, An Assitant Director, and three to four Campus Victims Advocates effective Fall 2021.

WE DEMAND that every counselor employed through UVM Counseling and Psychiatric Service (CAPS) undergo annual training on how to support survivors of sexual abuse, violence, and harassment.

WE DEMAND that all those employed by UVM Police are required to undergo annual training on sexual violence, domestic violence, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and stalking in order to better support all student survivors at UVM, annual training should result in all members of the UVM Police to be able to effectively communicate on-campus and off-campus resources available to students at the University.

WE DEMAND that UVM’s Department of Residential Life requires all Residential Advisors to undergo sexual violence and harassment training each semester to understand how to effectively support students and to be able to effectively communicate on-campus resources available to students at the University.

WE DEMAND that UVM create a 24/7, 365 day-a-year hotline specifically for student survivors of sexual violence and harassment. We encourage UVM to research, review, and create an internship or volunteer program for undergraduate students in the College of Education and Social Services who are interested in gaining experience in the field of sexual violence advocacy and hope to support student survivors. We encourage UVM administrators to refer to Boston University Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center which provides undergraduate students with these opportunities.

WE DEMAND that UVM continues to fund, support, and advertise the UVM LiveSafe App throughout Academic Year 2022 as the App allows students to report sexual violence or harassment privately from their phone with the option to attach videos, audio files, and pictures if they choose.

WE DEMAND that the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and UVM Title IX Director review every survey response given by UVM Students in the survey created by Explain The Asterisk founder and Title IX Student Advisory Committee member, Sydney Ovitt, in order to effectively understand the University’s systemic failure to support survivors of sexual violence on our campus thus far.

WE DEMAND that the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life enforce every recognized UVM Fraternity to attend sexual violence, harassment, or healthy relationship training once each semester, and report their chapter attendance rates on the UVM lynx. Should Fraternity attendance rates fall below 70% for 2 consecutive semesters, we demand that the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life place said Fraternity on probation effective immediately.

WE DEMAND that the Director of Athletics, Jeff Schulman, require all UVM sports teams to attend sexual violence, harassment, or healthy relationship training at least once each semester.

WE DEMAND that the Student Government Association (SGA), attend sexual violence, harassment, and/or healthy relationship training at least once each semester.

WE DEMAND that the UVM SGA requires all SGA clubs and organizations to complete sexual violence, harassment, and/or healthy relationship training annually to retain SGA recognition.

WE DEMAND that the UVM Title IX Advisory Committee continue to meet throughout the Summer and Fall of 2021 with the Title IX Intake and Outreach Coordinator and Vice Provost for Student Affairs to assess current sexual violence prevention and healthy relationship education efforts and recommend enhancements, including enhancements that extend beyond students’ first year.


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The following UVM SGA RSOs and their respective ClubSigners endorse the Joint Statement Condemning UVM’s Handling of Sexual Misconduct:

  1. Active Minds
    • Emma Von Licht
  2. Alpha Phi Omega (Service Fraternity)
    • Kiera Stubanas
    • Jennifer Zwerling
    • Caleb Marcus
  3. Asian Student Union
    • Ellery Finn
  4. Biomedical Engineering Society
    • Brooke Bednarke
    • Steve O’Driscoll
  5. Book Club
    • Delaney Woods
    • Caleb Usadi
  6. Catamounts Against Cancer
    • Emma Landenberger
    • Laurel Marshia
  7. Catamounts Supporting Israel
    • Jennifer Zwerling
    • Julie Grossman
  8. Chicks on Sticks Vermont
    • Amanda Kornutiak
    • Dora Hilker
  9. College Democrats
    • Owen Doherty
  10. Ecological Design Cooperative
    • Carl Betz
    • Maya Fein-Cole
  11. Engineers Without Borders
    • Olivia Mead
    • Jillian Rathman
  12. Food Recovery Network at UVM
    • Alexandra De Luise
    • Zach Hart
  13. Green Mountain Veggies
    • Lexie Baker
    • Witt Spiller
  14. Headwaters Magazine
    • Avery Lentini
    • Sydney Decker
  15. Hillel Student Board
    • Daisy Grossman
    • Julie Grossman
  16. Lawrence Debate Union
    • Hannah Lefevre
    • Clara Martorano
    • Rachel Kussick
  17. Learning Enterprises
    • Lulu Mikula
  18. Men’s Club Lacrosse
    • Samuel Battles
    • Patrick Kowalsky
  19. Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
    • Aaron Wynmor
    • Jamie Cotter
  20. Orchesis Dance Company
    • Maddie Parent
    • Hilary Wailonis
  21. Organize UVM
    • Sarah Sciortino
    • Christine Fleming
    • Olenka Duncan
    • Kieran Edraney
  22. Outing Club
    • Natalie Johnson
    • Emma Rosenau
  23. Peer Aid Network
    • Dana Way
    • Chris Morse
  24. People of Color Outdoors (POCO)
    • Andrew Romano
    • Mia Papageorge
  25. Planned Parenthood Generation Action
    • Shannon Comiskey
  26. Pre-Vet Club
    • Maya Samuelson
    • Chelsea Carcoba
  27. Queer Student Union
    • Skylar Rungren
    • Hayden Rungren
  28. Quidditch
    • Richie Abbott
    • Megan Brown
  29. Social Work Club
    • Jamie Malone
    • Alura Thiem
  30. Society of American Foresters
    • Matt Rourke
    • Liza Orne
  31. Society of Women Engineers
    • Sara Kalb
    • Jillian Rathman
  32. Spoon University UVM
    • Mackenzie Laverick
    • Sara Kilmek
  33. The Natural Philosopher
    • Toby Lanser
    • Maryann Makosiej
  34. The Water Tower
    • Carter Ward
    • Kelsey Deemer
  35. UVM 1IN4
    • Kyle Veo
    • Oscar McIntosh
  36. UVM Alpine Ski Race Club
    • Natalie Platt
    • Cameron Collins
    • Kiera Clark
    • Kelly Manley
  37. UVM Amnesty International
    • Abby Hanson
    • Tash Brown
  38. UVM Anthropology Club
    • Keely Lyons
  39. UVM Art Club
    • Patrick Man
    • Hannah Kershaw
  40. UVM Backcountry Club
    • Soren Feola
    • Clayton Schroeder
  41. UVM Ballet Viridis
    • Claire Smith
    • Olivia Roder
    • Jullianne Boughton
  42. UVM Beekeepers
    • Eric Coughlin
    • Matt Heilbronn
  43. UVM Bikes!
    • Luke Fredrickson
    • Britney Keyser
    • Matt Dierker
    • Sam Buswell
  44. UVM Biotech
    • Logan Hillger
    • Mason Thackara
  45. UVM Black Student Union
    • Miles McCallum
    • Zyakkiriah Rhoden
  46. UVM Cat’s Meow A Cappella
    • Mackenzie Voigt
    • Olivia Zito
  47. UVM Celtic Cats
    • Sabina Jarvis
    • Gracie Butler
  48. UVM Chess Club
    • Max Ivry
    • Nick Carney
  49. UVM Club Baseball
    • Hank Caswell
    • Patrick Brennan
  50. UVM Club Field Hockey
    • Molly Page
    • Samantha Fielder
  51. UVM Club Gymnastics
    • Sydney Caldwell
    • Elise Courtney
  52. UVM Club Nordic
    • Liviya Kovacevic
    • Bennett Gamber
  53. UVM Club Softball
    • Erin Cardoza
    • Emily Bourdeau
  54. UVM Club Tennis
    • Julian Kafka
    • Jake Wiener
  55. UVM Club Water Polo
    • Tim Gerling
  56. UVM College Diabetes Network
    • Sailor Abel
    • Amelia Curley
  57. UVM Council for Exceptional Children
    • Breeze de Jong
    • Sam Joyner
  58. UVM CS Crew
    • Nate Fogg
    • Alex Friedrichsen
  59. UVM Cycling
    • Robert Watt
  60. UVM Dairy Club
    • Ellie Kharasch
    • Jocelyn Lysik
  61. UVM Dance Force
    • Isabel Hansen
    • Anna Sellon
  62. UVM Dance Team
    • Mya Petrie
    • Jessica Fine
  63. UVM Disc Golf
    • Aidan Trombley
  64. UVM Eco-Reps
    • Lauren Waibel
    • Annie Selle
  65. UVM Entrepreneurship Club
    • Benjamin Collins
    • George Philbrick
  66. UVM Equestrian Team
    • Mary Caruso
    • Jenna Zimmerman
  67. UVM FeelGood
    • Kayla Vaccaro
    • Anita Bilotta
  68. UVM Figure Skating Club
    • Erin Starr
  69. UVM Folk Music Club
    • Noah Gilbert-Fuller
    • Matthew Crisp
  70. UVM Freeski Team
    • Cameron Mincar
    • Adam Liszewski
  71. UVM Hit Paws A Capella
    • Matteo Luban
    • Olivia Wimble
  72. UVM Hoop Troop
    • Dharma Perron
    • Kristen Livingstone
  73. UVM Horticulture Club
    • Eli Wilson
    • Josiah Gilbert
  74. UVM Jazbaa
    • Amulya Jaldu
    • Keerthi Onkaram
  75. UVM Kayak Club
    • Sam Randolph
    • Fiona Haverland
  76. UVM Men’s Club Soccer
    • Garrett Higgins
    • Henry Clark
    • Owein LaBarr
    • Matthew Davis
  77. UVM Men’s Rugby
    • Max Seckler
    • Keegan Bliss
    • Colin Acton
  78. UVM Mock Trial Society
    • Callan Izatt
    • Zoë Silverman
  79. UVM Partners In Health Engage (PIHE)
    • Evi O’Hara-Short
  80. UVM Progressives
    • Sarah Sciortino
    • Chrys Harrell
  81. UVM Psychological Science Club
    • Julian Kafka
    • Olivia Datre
  82. UVM Recreational Climbing Team
    • Ruth Oppenheimer
    • Emily Ollero
  83. UVM Rescue
    • Vincent Moeykens
    • Lola Jacuzzi
  84. UVM Running Club
    • Jack Mitchell
    • Ryan Stuart
  85. UVM Sailing
    • Nick Salvesen
    • Ryan Hamilton
  86. UVM Ski & Snowboard Club
    • Will Weiss
    • Meg Zalanskas
  87. UVM Society of Physics Students
    • Caleb Usadi
    • Alice Blake
  88. UVM Summit Sisters
    • Sarah Clauss
  89. UVM Taekwondo
    • Emma Murphy
    • Oumaima Sriji
  90. UVM Timbersports
    • Chris Liazos
  91. UVMtv
    • Daisy Powers
    • Eric Gagnon
    • Iley DiBlasi
  92. UVM Women In Business
    • Emma Rainard
    • Marielle Clerc
  93. UVM Women’s Club Basketball
    • Andi Esenler
  94. UVM Women’s Rugby Football Club
    • Eleanor Jaffe
  95. University Players
    • Sophie Consorti
    • Gabby White
  96. UPRAWR
    • Shelby Packard
    • Lillian Schnurr
  97. VPIRG at UVM
    • Lily Seward
  98. Vermont Rowing
    • Lizzy Adams
    • Theo Nygren
  99. Vermont Student Assembly for Public Health
    • Grace Simmons
    • Jacque Lewman
  100. Vermont Students Toward Environmental Protection (VSTEP)
    • Michael Newton
    • Mia Papageorge
  101. Wildlife & Fisheries Society
    • Taylor Ehwa
    • Elizabeth Kaufmann
  102. Women’s Ultimate Frisbee
    • Marina Godley-Fisher
    • Alex Greer
  103. WRUV FM Burlington
    • Sam Lacey

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